EducationUdaan 2.0 Fest: Dynamic Women's Entrepreneurship EXPO 2023

Udaan 2.0 Fest: Dynamic Women’s Entrepreneurship EXPO 2023

Nagpur, 29th October 2023:

Nation Building through Effective and Innovative Business activities was witnessed at Udaan 2.0 Fest, which was piloted by two unstoppable & passionate individual women entrepreneurs of Nagpur.

The Expo event once again highlighted the fact that small efforts at corner places of City can bring unexpected and effective changes in lives of many enterprising women who otherwise are sidelined and far away from the organized mainstream businesses.

A remarkable event dedicated to women’s empowerment took flight with unparalleled enthusiasm and success, all thanks to the untiring efforts of its visionary leadership organizers, Mrs. Sanjeeda Shamshad Alam and Mrs. Syed Nusrat Arshad. In a remarkable display of dedication, these two dynamic women brought Udaan 2.0 to life, handling every detail and aspect of the event entirely on their own.

Udaan 2.0 Fest, held at Amrai Lawn, aimed to inspire and uplift women by encouraging them to explore their Business Passion, creativity and hidden talents in respective entrepreneurship ventures. The event featured a diverse range of Business offerings including clothing, delicious variety of food stalls, jewellery gallery, art & craft, home decors, Healthcare and its products, Educational platforms, games for kids specifically all of which played a pivotal role in uplifting and enhancing micro & small business ventures, many of which are being operated from the comforts of home.

Expo highlights included a spirited drawing competition that drew enthusiastic participation from kids and children of different ages, as well as a live demonstration by the internationally renowned nail paint artist Mr. A.I. Raja who not only wowed the crowd but also awarded deserving students for their outstanding creations.

A delightful addition to the event included a one-minute talk show and engaging quizzes, bringing a dose of education and entertainment for attendees. The presence of esteemed guests, including the Chief Guest PI Sharda Bhopade ma’am of Gittikhadan Police Station, her gracious presence and down-to-earth demeanor left an indelible mark on all attendees as she visited each stall greeting participants with the utmost politeness.

Salman Ahmed, a Guiding light in the planning of Udaan 2.0, played a pivotal role in assisting the two organizers throughout the event. Salman’s on-field presence, Unconditional support and Unwavering approach ensured the Event’s seamless execution.

A timely supportive hand by Mr. Saquib Arshad and Mr. Shamshad Alam helped in implementation of important tasks on the Expo day. Notable dignitaries present were Dr. Amanath Khokhar, Mehboob un Nabi Khan, Kalim un Nabi Khan, Saquib Arshad, Shamshad Alam, Mrs. Tarannum Quazi, Dr. Saba Ahmed, Mr Owais Quadri, Mrs. Farhat Qureshi, Mrs. Humaira Mariyam, Idris Sheikh and many more distinguished guests whose presence graced the event and its grandeur.

With a staggering turnout of over 3000 to 4000 attendees, Udaan 2.0 was a resounding success, demonstrating the immense potential and impact of such empowering events.

Udaan 2.0 is a testament to inspiration and model example for all women, specifically Muslim believing women that greater profitable change can be brought in women businesses by facilitating effective platforms within the defined limitations of Islamic beliefs and boundaries, as this one was uniquely conceptualised and executed within limited resources.

The event’s success enriched the passion of all Business beneficiaries present which also helped in removing negativity, mental blocs and hesitancy in belief of achieving success through representation at such platforms with respect to business activities, thus developing  creativity and deriving collective effort fruits for all.

The Dynamic women organizers Mrs. Nusrat and Mrs. Sanjeeda were all thanks to each participant business associate and look forward to more empowering initiatives in future for a sustainable establishment of profitable ventures which can eventually remove the social stigma with respect to women businesses and thus transform into an economically healthy society, eventually helping in Nation Building.

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