HealthcareSiliguri Gets Its Largest Medical Mall: SI Surgical Invests Rs. 20 Crore...

Siliguri Gets Its Largest Medical Mall: SI Surgical Invests Rs. 20 Crore in Cutting-Edge Healthcare Facility

Policy Times Facilitates Biggest investment of North Bengal in 2024

North Bengal is set to experience a significant healthcare boost with the grand opening of Medical Mall – Siliguri, scheduled for June 20th, 2024. This ambitious project will mark the launch of the largest medical mall in North Bengal, spanning an impressive 15,000 sq ft.

SI Surgical, led by its MD & CEO Mr. Sanjoy Mukherjee, a company known for its dedication to “Technology for Life,” has been a leading player in the medical equipment industry for over 18 years. With an impressive track record of over 2,500 products, 6,500 satisfied customers, and 2,200 successful projects.

North Bengal, often considered a backward region, has long been in need of investment to stimulate economic growth and create new opportunities. The lack of industrial development, manufacturing, and skilled engineering jobs has hindered the region’s progress.

Policy Times Chamber of Commerce, a key player in facilitating this investment, recognizes the need for a strong push towards development in North Bengal. Their founder, Mr. Akram Hoque, saw a clear need to support and encourage investments in the region, taking a calculated risk to spearhead this critical initiative. They actively facilitated this investment within just 6 months, making it their first success story of bringing such a large investment to North Bengal, despite being a small organization. They used this project as a case study, creating a testing ground, and taking the risk themselves.

The Rs. 20 crore investment, biggest investment of North Bengal in 2024, will create over 50 jobs immediately and serves as the first step towards a larger plan of investing up to Rs. 100 crore and generating 250+ jobs, positioning Siliguri as a prominent medical equipment manufacturing hub.

The event will commence at 4 PM at the new mall located on the 3rd floor of Synergy Tower in Chunavatti (Fulbari), near Thalamus Hospital. The inauguration ceremony on June 20th will be a grand affair, with distinguished guests and dignitaries invited to witness the launch of this landmark healthcare facility.

This new medical hub promises to provide residents of North Bengal with access to advanced medical care and equipment, making a significant contribution to the region’s healthcare landscape.

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