Success Stories"Sharang Ambadkar Honored with 'Paaryavaran Gaurav Award' for Sustainable Clothing and Upcycled...

“Sharang Ambadkar Honored with ‘Paaryavaran Gaurav Award’ for Sustainable Clothing and Upcycled Plastics”

"FeelGood Econurture LLP's Founder Recognized for Remarkable Contributions to Sustainability and Circular Economy"

Sharang Ambadkar, a 26-year-old entrepreneur and the founder of FeelGood Econurture LLP based in Mumbai was recently honored with the prestigious ‘Paaryavaran Gaurav Award’ by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and the Environment Club of India. This recognition celebrates his remarkable contributions to sustainable clothing and upcycled plastic products. Notably, one of his jackets made from recycled plastics was worn by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during Parliament sessions and his recent trip to the United States. Sharang’s commitment to sustainability has garnered support and recognition from influential figures.

The award ceremony took place in Pune, coinciding with World Environment Day, and was graced by esteemed personalities. Shri Shekhar Singh IAS, the Municipal Commissioner of Pimpri Chinchwad in Maharashtra, Mr. Gurav of MPCB, and Dr. Sameer Joshi, Vice Chairman of the Indian Plastics Institute, were presented with the ‘Paryavaran Bhushan Award’ in recognition of their contributions to environmental conservation.

FeelGood Econurture LLP is dedicated to manufacturing recycled products that provide sustainable solutions right at people’s doorsteps. Their innovative range includes transforming multi-layered plastic products into tiles, flower pots, mobile stands, and other accessories. Their latest venture focus

es on converting PET waste into premium finished garments and athleisure wear. These initiatives are of paramount importance in the current era as they contribute to a positive impact and help reduce carbon footprints.

Each product created by FeelGood Econurture LLP plays a vital role in lowering carbon emissions that would otherwise occur if virgin materials were used. By utilizing recycled plastics, the company helps mitigate environmental damage and promotes the concept of a circular economy. Their commitment to sustainability aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and preserve the planet for future generations.

Furthermore, FeelGood Econurture’s manufacturing process utilizes clean, green technology and contributes to a social cause. It avoids landfill and leaching, adding value to the final products. The process saves 50% energy and 90% water compared to the production of virgin polyester. By handling carbon emissions, water consumption, and solid waste disposal, the company embraces the principles of a circular economy.

In summary, Sharang Ambadkar’s well-deserved recognition and FeelGood Econurture’s commitment to sustainable practices demonstrate their significant contributions to environmental conservation. Through their efforts, they are making a positive impact by reducing carbon emissions, conserving water, and promoting a circular economy. Their achievements serve as an inspiration for others in the industry and reinforce the importance of sustainable solutions in addressing global environmental challenges.

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