SustainabilityPTCC Organized Largest Sustainability Summit For End-of-Life Tyre Management

PTCC Organized Largest Sustainability Summit For End-of-Life Tyre Management

On the occasion of World Environment Day Week, Policy Times Chamber of Commerce in partnership with TRRAI, and RLG organised one of the largest sustainability summit of India, “End-of Life Tyre Management: Past Experiences & Future Perspectives” on 10th June 23, 9AM to 5PM at Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, Noida.

New Delhi, June 10, 2023: The Policy Times Chamber of Commerce welcomed the much awaited 2nd Sustainability Summit for End-of-Life Tyre Management today. On 31st December 2021 shared the draft regulation of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for waste tyres under the Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016. The guidelines pave the way for producers, recyclers, and other non-state actors who can support tyre recycling industry in India. India produces 650,000 tyres and discards 275,000 tyres approximately. About 300,000 tonnes of tyres are imported into the country each year for recycling and disposal. India’s waste tyres account for about 6-7% of the global total. Therefore, the “End-of Life Tyre Management: Past Experiences & Future Perspectives” on 10th June 23, 9AM to 5PM at Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, Noida, organised by The Policy Times Chambers of Commerce in partnership with TRRAI and Reverse Logistics Group (RLG).

After the MoEFCC issued the regulation, the industry has been waiting for government’s support in formalizing the previously informal sector and converting the linear tyre waste economy to a circular one. With robust CPCB MoEFCC portal for EPR registration in place, TPCC is certain that it is easy for new players and the existing players to meet the compliances.

Shri Anand Kumar, Director & Head, WM-III Division, CPCB, said “with the implementation of EPR for waste management, 1857 recyclers with authorized capacity of 75,25,637 tones have been registered with CPCB. Maharashtra has the largest number of authorised recyclers, 345”. He further added that CPCB believes ‘what gets measured, gets addressed’. CPCB has built an extensive monitoring network and successfully created National Inventory on Generation and Management of Hazardous & other wastes wherein out of 8.78 MT of generated hazardous waste, 47.60% or 4.18 MT is utilizable hazourdous waste. This means we have great business opportunity and resource utilisation option if we are able to utilise this waste rather than throwing in landfill.


The Seminar will bring 250+ participants and 15+ speakers including tyre manufacturers and suppliers, policymakers in various sectors, experts working on rubber tyre recycling technology, clean energy and sustainability professionals, entrepreneurs and startups in recycling and its related sectors, industry associations, media professionals, students and aspiring professionals to discuss roles and responsibilities of multiple stakeholders to sidcuss end-of-life tyre management.

The “End-of Life Tyre Management: Past Experiences & Future Perspectives” aims at policy awareness, indusry & larger stakeholder outreach, facilitating networking and collaboration for exchange of knowledge, technology and best practices, strengthening and integrating India to reach net zero emissions by 2030. It shall discuss ways to establish circular economy for successful implementation of EPR in tyre waste management, challenges faced by industry, and CPCB’s response to the online portal. All the views and recommendations expressed and shared by industry leaders during the Summit will be compiled into a report for future reference and improvement of the sector.

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