EducationDay three of ICAN 6 encompasses inspiring masterclasses, dynamic panel discussions...

Day three of ICAN 6 encompasses inspiring masterclasses, dynamic panel discussions and engaging technical sessions

Noida, June 21, 2023: The day three of ICAN6- World’s First 7-Day Staggered Colocation Conference, encompassed inspiring masterclasses, dynamic panel discussions and engaging technical sessions. The master class on feminism and identity of women in India in Studio 62 by Dr Maithili Ganjoo, Professor and Dean of Media Studies & Humanities MRIIRS was the perfect start of the day.

This masterclass explored the history of feminism in India, the challenges faced by women in the country and the ways in which women are asserting their identities. Dr. Ganjoo spoke about the different waves of feminism in India and how they have shaped the lives of women in the country. She also discussed the challenges faced by women in India, such as gender discrimination, violence against women and lack of opportunities.

Dr Ambrish Saxena, Convenor, ICAN 6 and Dean, DME Media School and Dr Susmita Bala, Chief Associate Convener, ICAN 6 and Head, DME Media School illuminated the discussion on feminism and the identity of women, enriching the occasion with their insightful perspectives.

This masterclass was followed by an online technical session on the theme of Role of consumers and influencers in digital advertising, branding and marketing. The session was chaired by Dr Puja Mahesh, Associate Professor, at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai.

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Onsite technical session, freedom of speech and news trends: citizen journalism, agenda-driven newscast and media narratives was chaired by Dr Anubhuti Yadav Professor and Head of the Department of New Media and Course Director of Advertising and Public Relations.

Simultaneously, the next online technical session on news and entertainment media: contemporary trends and perception of the audience was chaired by Dr Pallavi Majumdar, Professor, Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan.

Dr Gauri D Chakraborty, Professor, Times School of Media, Bennett University chaired the last technical session (onsite session) themed on issues of culture and identity: gender representation in media, sexism and misogyny.


All of the sessions were well-attended and generated a lot of interest. The speakers shared their insights and expertise on a wide range of topics, and the discussions were lively and engaging.

The last session was a panel discussion on cultural identities and cinema moderated by Mr Praveen Nagda, Festival Director, CultureCinema and KidzCINEMA, Mumbai.

Esteemed panellists included Sean Cisterna, Award-winning filmmaker from Canada, Theodora Malliarou, Media educator and filmmaker, Greece, Akriti Singh, Writer, Director and Actor, India, Shubha Shetty Saha, Journalist and filmmaker, India, Sapna Bhavnani, Filmmaker, India and Brahmanand Singh, Filmmaker and author, India.

More About ICAN6:

The theme of ICAN6 is Identity, Culture and Agenda-driven Newscast with #culturalidentity4diversity. ICAN6 is in collaboration with School of Communications and Creative Arts, Deakin University of Melbourne, Australia.

This conference witnesses an eclectic blend of workshop, plenary session, master classes, panel discussions and technical sessions. ICAN6 is sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research. Its conference partners are IAMCR -GEN Section and GMEC- Global Media Education Council.

The knowledge partners of ICAN6 include Adamas University, Kolkata, Institute of Applied Medicines and Research (IAMR) Ghaziabad and KSF – Keshav Suri Foundation. The international partners of the conference are Daffodil International University, Bangladesh, Institute for International Journalism, Ohio University, USA and Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan.

The media partners of ICAN6 inclide The Policy Times, JAI Hind Times, Quick News and News44. ICAN6 is powered by Asian Media and Cultural Studies Network, Australia, Australia-India Film Practitioners and Researchers Network, Australia, SPARC, student council of DME Media School, RIM- Research & innovation in media, Research cell of DME and Richmond Fellowship Society (India), Delhi Branch.

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