EducationMaharashtra Budget 2024-25: "Rs 5,000 Crore Allocation for Farmers, 3 Free Cylinders...

Maharashtra Budget 2024-25: “Rs 5,000 Crore Allocation for Farmers, 3 Free Cylinders for Every Household, Financial assistance of Rs 1,500 per month for women aged 21 to 60 under” Sops for Women, Youth and Farmers

The Maharashtra government has unveiled its budget for 2024-25, outlining a comprehensive plan to boost the state’s economy, enhance public welfare, and foster inclusive growth. Presented by Finance Minister Ajit Pawar, the budget focuses on key sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, education, and infrastructure development.

Tax Relief and Economic Growth

In a significant move, the government has reduced taxes on petrol and diesel in the Mumbai region, aiming to ease the burden on commuters and boost economic activity. The tax on diesel has been decreased from 24% to 21%, while the tax on petrol has been reduced from 26% to 25%.

Agricultural Development

The budget allocates a substantial amount for agricultural development, recognizing the sector’s critical role in the state’s economy. Farmers will receive a bonus of Rs 5,000 per hectare for cotton and soybean crops, and Rs 5 per litre for milk production. This move is expected to benefit thousands of farmers across the state.

Social Welfare and Health

The government has prioritized social welfare and healthcare in the budget. Free medical check-ups and treatment will be provided to warkaris (pilgrims), and a Warkari Development Corporation will be established to support their needs. Additionally, the budget allocates funds for the CM Anna Chhatra Yojana, providing three free cylinders every year to all households.

Education and Infrastructure

The budget emphasizes the importance of education and infrastructure development. Allocations have been made for the construction of new schools, colleges, and hospitals, as well as the upgradation of existing infrastructure.

The key highlights of the Maharashtra budget for 2024-2025 include

Monetary assistance has been increased in cases of animal attacks, with the next of kin receiving Rs 25 lakhs.

Financial assistance of Rs 1,500 per month will be provided to women aged 21 to 60 under the ‘Mukhyamantri Majhi Ladki Bahin’ scheme.

Petrol and diesel prices have been reduced in Mumbai region

Tax on diesel is being decreased from 24 per cent to 21 per cent

Tax on petrol is being decreased from 26 per cent to 25 per cent

Free medical check-ups and treatment for warkaris

Formation of a warkari development corporation

Rs 36 crore has been allocated for the Pandharpur dindi

3 free cylinders every year will be provided to all households under CM Anna Chhatra Yojana

State government will provide Rs 5,000 per hectare bonus to farmers for their crops of cotton and soybean

Government will provide Rs 5 per litre bonus to milk-producing farmers even after July 2024

Monetary help has been increased in deaths due to animal attacks, with next of kin to get Rs 25 lakhs instead of 20 Lakhs earlier

Financial assistance of Rs 1,500 per month will be provided for women aged 21 to 60 under ‘Mukhyamantri Majhi Ladki Bahin’ scheme

Budget Reactions:

Congress leader Nana Patole, “There are lots of assurances in the budget and there are doubts that the assurances made will be fulfilled.” While Sharad Pawar, NCP(SP) President, voiced concerns about the budget’s transparency. He described the budget as “election-oriented” and questioned the feasibility of the schemes, saying, “with just Rs 70 in the pocket, how will they be able to spend Rs 100.” Pawar also expressed doubts about the electricity bill waiver for farmers, questioning the financial health of the power companies and asking, “what is the financial condition of the power companies and unless their losses are compensated, it will be unviable.” Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, in contrast, praised the budget, calling it a “comprehensive budget aimed to cover almost all sections of the society, including farmers, women, youth, and workers.”

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