Guest Column"India's Evolution: Unveiling the Triumph of the Transition Generation"

“India’s Evolution: Unveiling the Triumph of the Transition Generation”

Indians born in the late 60`s till the late 70`s are what I label as the “Indian Transition Generation (ITG)”. I define a “Transition Generation” as a generation that has seen significant changes in the country especially in living standards, global outlook, mindsets, etc, and importantly competitiveness in the worldwide arena.

ITG would have come into the workforce in the mid-1990s and has seen India change from being reflective of low-quality work, inward-looking systems, and substandard products to becoming global beaters in many arenas.

With yours truly being from the “Indian transition generation”, in this article, I try to capture the experiences, thoughts, and key events that are synonymous with this generation.

by Mr. Ram Narayanan

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“India’s Transition Generation (ITG)” is witnessing a remarkable transformation

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