HealthcareHow A LPG Gas Pipe Salesman Became A Successful Bengali Businessman

How A LPG Gas Pipe Salesman Became A Successful Bengali Businessman

Introducing Mr. Sanjoy Mukherjee, Chairman and Managing Director of SI Surgical, who built a Rs. 250 crore medical equipment company making it Bengal’s, rather East India’s most successful medical equipment company.

In our society, it is a prevalent belief that Bengalese are apathetical in business, rather they like to live with fish and rice. But the man – Mr. Sanjoy Mukherjee, founder of SI {Sanjoy International} Surgical Corporation has proved that a person with a positive mission and strong abilities to face every challenges ascent success / target as he desired. Since childhood struggles for livelihood, sufferings of family members and strong will to establish in the society implored Sanjoy to find a more challenging way to lead a dignified life.

As he was the witness of sufferings of the family since childhood, he had a firm decision to start his own venture that will play a role of umbrella to provide livelihood protection for many helpless people. His honesty inherited from his father, strong abilities of market analysis and tideless attempts prompted him to start his own business venture of surgical products under the sole proprietorship scheme and after sixteen years of tireless journey, he has made a diversified business base of around Rs. 250 crore.

Early Life

Mr. Sanjoy Mukherjee was born on 14th August in 1983 at Shantipur State General Hospital, Nadia. He was the elder son of Late Subhash and Arati Mukherjee. His father Subhash Mukherjee lead a vagabond life. Though he was crackpot type short tempered person but his honesty, talent, never nodding attitude and abilities of proper guidance for others always inspired Sanjoy to become a successful businessmen. At the age of 17, Subhash joined in Indian Army. But he left the job as it was unbearable for him to attend hard trainings. He returned home at Bankra and started to work as a salesman of Shantipur Sarees. He had to go in remote areas of Howrah district through a bi-cycle. Local people attend him with their various problems regularly and Subhash give them proper solution. That is why he was known as “Master Da” in the locality. Being a post-graduate in commerce, Subhash usually engaged himself for free tuition services for the poor children when he returned back home in the evening. At that time, the family had to struggle every day for livelihood. Later Subhash joined in a private company on a monthly salary basis. Since then Mr. Sanjoy had a strong determination to establish his own venture not to join as an employee in any establishment like his father.

Early life of Mr. Sanjoy was not smooth sailing like others. As he was grown up with poverty, he had to overcome a lot of hurdles to establish his dream project. He along with his parents, elder sister Rupali and younger brother Rajib lived in a 10/10 square feet room at Bankra Jora Mandirtala, Howrah. When he was a student of class 8, he started tuition for the same class student. His mother had to sell dung cake for family contribution. He could remember that when he was a student of class 4, there was no rice at home for cooking. At the time he was studying in class 5, he went Bhilai along with his father who had to go for official work. It was the first experience in a train for Sanjoy. At that time his father met an accident in Bhilai and gradually affected with many disorders.


Sanjoy was a meritorious student. He passed secondary examination from Bankra Satashi High in the year 1999 and higher secondary from Batra Shikshayatan in 2001 with 2nd Division. He was admitted into Narasinha Dutt College with Honours. During this period Sanjoy had many troubles to attend his Honours classes regularly. Because, he used to sell surgical products whole day. He decided to attend his classes two or three days in a week. As a result, he was excluded from Honours and enrolled into B.Com pass courses at night. It was a convenient situation for Sanjoy as he was able to work as salesman in daytime.


Sanjoy started his career as a salesman of LPG gas pipe and regulator. He earned Rs. 20/- per item. One day while he was waiting for his higher secondary result he met an old man at Bally in Howrah. At that time one of the relatives of the old man was working in Calcutta Metallic Company as accountant and the old man was engaged for forging surgical items. The majestic appearance of Sanjoy impressed the old man. He motivated him to sell surgical items on 5% commission. Sanjoy returned back home and discussed with his father. His father encouraged him to continue the job. It was first step for Sanjoy to sell surgical items. Soon he met the old man and expressed his eagerness. The old man gave him some surgical instruments and advised to attend different Nursing Homes. He also gave him Rs. 200 per day as viaticum.

Salesman of Surgical Products

At the beginning, Sanjoy was quite frustrated due to failure of selling materials regularly. But his father who was lying on bed at that time had a strong belief that his son will succeed one day. One day he went to Swasti Hospital, Magra .He met a doctor by following other Medical Representatives. When the Doctor asked him to show his products he opened his bag. The doctor embarrassed and called the OT sister. That was the turning point of his life. The sister helped Sanjoy to understand functioning of surgery equipments for one hour and purchased some products of Rs.14,000/-. For the first time, Sanjoy was successful to sell surgery products. He always remembers the sister for her kindness and familiarization with surgical materials. The old man suggested him to procure materials from Baruipur and sell as he was sick day by day due to his old age. Sanjoy had a savings of Rs. 7,000/- and his mother added Rs. 3500/- by selling her only ornament. With this amount Sanjoy procured a few general surgery materials for selling. Unfortunately, he was refused by some doctors for bad quality of materials. Someone suggested him to contact the newly constructed nursing home at Berhampore of Murshidabad district. Without further delay, he reached at Amtala Patkabari of Baharampur and sold his materials. In the year 2000, Sanjoy had a income of Rs. 10,000/- monthly.

In the year 2003, Dr. Vijay Khandelwal of Baleshwar advised Sanjoy for setting up his own company. Sanjoy discussed the matter with his father. His Father selected the name S for Sanjoy and I for International. The concept of SI Surgical Pvt. Ltd. originated from this idea.

Establishment of SI Surgical Pvt. Ltd.

In 2006, Sanjoy registered his company under the Government of West Bengal at a cost of Rs. 5001/- at  Balitikuri. A 40 square feet rented show room was taken to start the business. Sanjoy and his brother Rajib started the business at first. At that time his monthly income was around Rs. 40,000/- per month. He purchased 1 and1/2 kathas of land with house at cost of Rs. 1 lakh and 40 thousands.

In the year 2007, Sanjoy had to face a lot of critical conditions in the family. His father, who was suffering of cancer for a long time had a surgery as per advised by Dr. Bajoria of R. N. Tagore hospital. But the surgery was unsuccessful and cancer spread out in the body. Sanjoy had to pay around Rs. 15 lakh for his treatment. On the other hand, his brother Rajib met a scooter accident and admitted into CMRI hospital, Kolkata. So, he became bewildered in search of money.

Sanjoy was unmarried till than. One day he met Samarpita while attending his brother at CMRI hospital. Samarpit’s father also admitted in the same ward for treatment. They started to build up relationship with each other. But they had to overcome various obstacles up to their marriage. Samarpita was brought up in a high middle class family. She was highly educated and a trained singer. His father was a government employee and he was not interested to marry his daughter with unsecured person like Sanjoy. But Samarpit’s mother was interested to build up this relationship with a promising businessman. On the other hand, Sanjoy’s father had an objection to accept Samarpita with dark complexion as his daughter-in low

But finally as per decision of both families, Sanjoy and Samarpita socially married in 2008. His father died after 3 months of marriage. At that time, Sanjoy was almost a penniless person. He could remember that on the day of his father’s death Dr. Vijay Khandelwal of Baleswar ordered him with a cheque amounting to Rs. 3 lakh for supply of medical equipments for his newly constructed nursing home. That was a big financial support for Sanjoy. He was able to arrange his father’s funeral ceremonies.

Building of relationship with Nursing Homes and Doctors

As a young Entrepreneur, Sanjoy was inspired by Dr. S.N. Sharma and Dr. Manabesh Pramanik of Dishari Nursing home, Malda. He supplied hospital materials like Saline stand, Bed, Table etc. from time to time and built up relationship with a number of Doctors. In 2009, he supplied a lot of hospital materials in a new Nursing Home, near Baleswar, Odisha.

Establishment of Manufacturing Unit:

Participation in Health Fair: For the first time, Sanjoy joined in a health meet held in Chennai in 2010. A stall was taken for the said purpose with a cost of Rs. 30,000/- and he displayed surgical items there. He was familiarized with many Doctors from Kolkata who attended the health meet.

Manufacturing Unit: SI Surgical Pvt. Ltd. established its Manufacturing Unit within 1200 square feet area at New Alipur, Kolkata in 2009. Sanjoy started manufacturing of hospital beds, furniture and other medical equipments.

Export Business: Sanjoy started export business since 2014. At first, he participated in Kenya. Gradually, he penetrated his business globally in Tanzania, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bhutan, UAE, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sudan, Uganda Zimbabwe, Singapore, Mexico, Kongo. Besides, he was able to built up a collaborative partnership with National and Multinational companies. At present a number of Government and Private Health Infrastructures located in almost all states of India are associated with SI Surgical as business clients.

Today, SI Surgical group of companies, SI Surgical Pvt. Ltd. and SI Surgi India Ltd. under the brand name of SI Surgical is the biggest manufacturing and export company in Eastern India under the leadership of Sanjoy Mukherjee. Nearly 500 Employees and 200 Vendors are dependents upon SI Surgical for their livelihood.

The journey is over over yet. Sanjoy has a big plan to spread his business within all segments of Medical Industry. He aims to supply from Alpin to Elephant in healthcare segment. He believes that there is an attitudinal changes amongst Bengalese during last 10 years. Many of the youth are forwarded to become Entrepreneur.

As an CEO and MD Sanjoy is expecting that within five years SI Surgical will establish itself as number one company in India with a turn over of INR 1000 crores from its current annual turnover of INR 250 Crores.

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