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He Came, He Saw and He Conquered. From Mountains of Trash to Sustainable Solutions Debartha Banerjee’s Inspiring Journey

In an interaction with Policy Times Chamber of Commerce, Debartha Banerjee, Director of “Sampurn(e)arth Environment Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,” a non-profit organization transforming waste management, shared his journey from childhood to becoming a leading voice in sustainable solutions.

“Growing up in Kolkata, I never imagined the scale of the waste problem,” shared Debartha, reflecting on his formative years. “But when I moved to Mumbai for my engineering and later a master’s in Social Entrepreneurship, I saw mountains of trash. My college was located 2 km from this dumping ground. The first time I saw it, I didn’t even realize it was a mountain of trash. It just looked like a hill, it became clear that we needed a new approach, one that went beyond just collecting and dumping.”

“Apart from that”, he said, “there are lakhs of people working in the informal sector, those who collect waste, those who store waste, and scrap dealers.”

Debartha’s dedication to finding sustainable solutions led him to collaborate with organizations like the Atomic Research Center and Shri Mukti Organization. “Working with them, I learned that waste management could be a force for good,” he said. “It could create livelihoods, empower communities, and protect the environment.”

This realization inspired Debartha to co-found “Sampurn(e)arth Environment Solutions” an organization committed to transforming waste management into a social business. “Our goal is to build a system where waste is seen as a resource, not a problem,” he explained. “We are working to develop innovative solutions that benefit both people and the planet.”

His passion for this cause has earned him recognition. His project in Goa was hailed by NITI Aayog as a best practice for plastic waste management. “We are incredibly proud of this recognition,” Debartha said. “It shows that our approach to community empowerment and environmental protection is making a real difference.”

Debartha’s story is a testament to the potential of young entrepreneurs to find creative solutions for complex challenges. His journey, shaped by his childhood experiences and fueled by his passion for sustainability, offers hope for a cleaner, more equitable future.


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