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Family Medical Center | Inaugurated to Serve the Community with Quality Healthcare Services

Kantagaria, Birbhum – October 29, 2023 – A momentous occasion was celebrated on Sunday, the 29th of October, when a brand new Family Medical Center was inaugurated in Kantagaria, Birbhum. This medical center, which operates under the umbrella of the Eye Clap Foundation, aims to provide top-notch medical services at affordable prices to the local community.

The inauguration ceremony was graced by esteemed guests, including Dr. Abul Hasan, the Secretary of the Eyeclap Foundation, and Shanowaj Shah, the President of the Eyeclap Foundation. Distinguished medical professionals who were present included Dr. Mehedi Imran from Sagor Dutta Medical College, Dr. Touhidur Rahaman from D. N. Dey Homeopathic Medical College, and Dr. Rifat from Rampurhat Medical College. Additionally, several prominent educationists, such as Md. Jakiruddin, Md. Amiruddin Saikh, and Md. Fakiruddin, showed their support for this noble initiative.

The newly established Family Medical Center offers a wide range of services to cater to the healthcare needs of the community. With a primary goal of making healthcare accessible, the center charges a minimal consultation fee of 150/- for doctor consultations. Furthermore, in a commendable gesture, medicines will be provided free of charge for one week to every patient who seeks treatment at the center. The center also offers free cataract surgery, further demonstrating its commitment to serving the community.

The inspiration behind this philanthropic endeavor can be traced to M Nurul Islam, the Secretary of Al Ameen Mission, and Md. Fakiruddin, the Secretary of Al-Azhar Mission, who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of society through education and healthcare.

On the day of the inauguration, over 100 local residents gathered at the center to avail themselves of the healthcare services offered. The Family Medical Center houses two key departments with consultation fees as low as 100-150/-.

General Physician: This department offers a range of medical services; the medical professionals at the center are committed to providing high-quality care to patients.

Eye Clinic: The Eye Clinic, operated by specialists in the field, addresses the eye health needs of the community. With a team of experts, the center ensures that residents receive the best possible care for their vision-related concerns.

The dedicated team of doctors at the Family Medical Center includes Dr. Faijuddin Hossain, an MBBS graduate who has served as an Ex-House Surgeon in Neurosurgery and an Ex-House Physician in General Medicine at N.R.S Medical College & Hospital. Additionally, Abul Hasan, who holds a B.OPTM and DOPT from Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital, and who previously worked as a consultant at Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Center, Kolkata, is part of the team. These experienced healthcare professionals are ready to serve the local community.

Staff Availability: The Family Medical Center is staffed by a dedicated team to ensure the smooth operation of its services. The staff includes:

1 Registered Pharmacist, 1 Receptionist, 1 Center In charge, 3 Doctors, 1 Nurse, 2 Supporting Staff

The inauguration of the Family Medical Center is a significant step towards addressing the healthcare needs of the community in Kantagaria and surrounding areas. The initiative’s commitment to providing affordable healthcare services and free medication is a testament to the organizers’ dedication to the welfare of the people they serve.

As the center opens its doors, it is set to become a vital resource for the community, ensuring that healthcare is accessible and affordable for all, just as the founders intended.

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