EducationA Man on A Mission - Jb Khademul Islam

A Man on A Mission – Jb Khademul Islam

Founder of Bes-An Noor Model School is a man with full of ideas, actions and patience, who challenged the current limitations and dared to provide quality education to children belonging to backward, underprivileged and remote regions of North Bengal. His life and journey in building Bes-An Noor is a great motivational story in itself to be told which The Policy Times has tried to present in this short tale!

Jb Khademul Islam, a man with strong willpower and dedicated for thousands of rudderless families in North Bengal is a well-known name associated with Bes-An Noor Model School in North Bengal. He is such a man who arouses expectancy among poor and distressed villagers who are generally bound to give up their hopes for education of their children after a certain period due to economic and social barriers.

Indomitable interest, assiduous nature, great power of innovative ideas and tireless activities in the field of Education and Social Welfare made Khademul very popular in and around Dakshin Dinajpur and Malda district of North Bengal. He was the first person who brought unorganized private schools under the ambit of Bengal Education Society.

Birth history: Khademul was born on 10th January 1968 at the village Kadamdanga in Kushmandi Block of former West Dinajpur district now known as Dakshin Dinajpur district. He came of a big landowner family. His father Yusuf Miah was the son of Soleman Miah who  was a land lord (Zamindar) of Kadamdanga village. They were the highest landowner family of Kushmandi block owned nearly 350 bighas of land in the locality. Soleman had three sons and a dauhter. Khademul was the second son of Yusuf Miah. His mother Ayesha Khatun still alive was eldest daughter of famous Musa Kabiraj. Both his parents were dedicated themselves for the spread of education in the locality. They always encourage poor villagers to come forward in mainstream education with their children and assist poor villagers in many ways during their urgent need. So, Khademul achieved his benevolent attitude and related qualities inheritably. If he wished, he could lead a luxurious life but he has chosen a hard life for the sake of poor and distressed villagers.

Childhood: Since childhood, Khademul was indomitable, daredevil and fidget spinner type. He grew up in the company of nature and always put forward his helping hands for the interest of poverty stricken villagers – Sometimes by arranging food items for starving people, sometimes by repairing bamboo bridge conveniences of helpless villagers.


Education: Khademul started his early education at Kadamdanga Primary School. His grandfather Soleman Miah was the founder and donor of the school. After sudden death of his father in 1978, Khademul was brought up his maternal uncle’s house. Then, he got admitted in Belpukur High Madrasha and studied there upto class seven. He returned to his own village and passed Madhyamik Examination from Mahipal High School in 1984. He dropped his study for one year but passed the Higher Secondary Examination from Malda Model Madrasha in the year 1987 and finally, completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from Malda College in 1989. During his stay in Malda, he was elected as Vice President of the Malda College Students Union. He formed a mess union for the benefit of outside students. He had to go to Kolkata, Chennai, and Vellore regularly for the purpose of medical urgency of poor patients.

An important event changed his vagabond life in 1995. He married Jebun Nehar, a primary teacher by profession of Pransagar village. They were as it were a perfect couple for each other. Jebun Near needed a partner who will stay in the village for her job. She had also a responsibility to look after her widow’s mother. On the other hand, young Khademul had to push himself in different villages for the interest of needy villagers.

Khademul and Jebunnehar started to live at Pransagar village by making a mud house. The town of Pransaar is populated with heterogeneous features. There is a co-existence of Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities. These people made a mosaic cultural zone in the village.

There was a Church in Pransagar. Young Khademul used to go there frequently to discuss various matters related to welfare activities for poor villagers with Father Richardson of the Church. He observed that dropout after attaining a primary level of education is a very common problem among girls’ especially for Muslim and backward communities. Family members and neighbors often torment village women and widows in different ways. These incidents mortified young Khademul and he acquired an obstinate attitude to change the situation. Father Richardson always inspired him for the welfare of minority communities.

As advised by father Richardson, Khademul began his journey by establishing a small nursery school namely “SABUJ ABUJH’ in 2003. Initially, the school started at the morning shift in Chalun High School. At that time, there were only 20/25 students including Khademul’s elder daughter Tamim.

Meanwhile, Khademul had vast experiences regarding the functioning of mission schools widespread in West Bengal. He observed that residential mission schools provide less priority in primary education. That is why Khademul has given more emphasize on primary education.

Foundation of Bes-An Noor Model School: In 2003, Khademul established Bes An Noor Model school in Pransagar village. The school builds up into the land of only 36 decimel with kutcha house.

At that time, Khademul was very anxious for construction of school. He had written an appeal to 20/22 influential persons of the society to come forward for his noble mission. He was invited in a meeting at the presence of Jb Javed Aktar, General Manager of minority development board, Jb Sayed Nasir Uddin and Jb Nurul haque, IAS. Gradually, Bes An Noor Model School established in 11 villages in and around Buniadpur, gangarampur areas. By this time, when Khademul had to go Kolkata regularly in search of funding, he met Emdadul haque Noor, Secretary of NATUN GATI. In the year 2007, Emdadul introduced him with great industrialist, altruist and benevolent Jb Mustak Hossain who helped Khademul to succeed his dream with lot of financial and moral supports. Khademul frankly admitted that it was impossible on his part to establish Bes An Noor Education hub without help of Jb Mustak Hossain, who is also chairman of PATAKA group of industries.

At present, Bes An Noor Model school penetrated it branches from Pransagar to Bansiari, Sudarsa Nagar of Dakshin Dinajpur, Itahar of Uttar Dinajpur, Jadupur and Laxmipur of Malda district. The school which  started with 20/25 students now covering with 550 Boys’ and 650 girls  students approximately in seven campuses. At the beginning it was constructed with only 36 decimel of land, now increased with more than 30 bihas of land. Out of 1600 students, day-borderers number is 400. All campuses are residential in nature. Although most of students come from Muslim community but there are 400 students participating from other communities also. There are arrangements of special care for poor and meritorious students. High quality building with Laboratory, Dining space, play ground, auditorium are available in each campus. Smart classes with qualified experienced teacher are being conducted in all campuses. There are also motivational and career counseling classes by special educational team available in schools. Approximately 1200 students studying there with 50 percent discount and 100 students with free of cost. All these noble activities are being conducted under the leadership of Jb Khademul Islam and financial assistance (Jakat) from distinguish Persons of the society like Jb Mustak hossain and others. More than 100 students of Bes An Noor are studying in Engineering and 42 students are studying in medical stream. Approximately 200 students were engaged in teaching and other profession from these schools.

Welfare activities: Temperamentally, Khademul engaged himself for different welfare activities from his young age. In 1987, during devastating flood situation, he rescued a child from a tree and returned to mother. He along with his friends served with relief for flood affected villagers. He often helps poor villagers for marriage ceremony and other necessities. He arouses dream among lot of students from very poor families who had already been established in many places of this society.

The vast activities in the field of Education and Social Welfare groomed by restless efforts of Khademul, and by maintaining a simple life, he never demands credits of the success he achieved. He always share the success with all people associated with him. However, he is not satisfied with life and neither he is tiring from works. He has even bigger ideas in his mind to do more for people – a training centre for the specially abled persons of North Bengal and he belief that with some help, they will be able to cope up with our mainstream society. He has also a plan to establish a centre for the benefit of old and widow women so that they can live independently as family members and others of the society often neglect them. He also has a dream to develop business sector of North Bengal because as the region rich with resources has huge potential to develop multiple business sectors.

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