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10 Innovations by Incense Leader – Rocket Agarbatti

Innovation is key for business growth and to be a leader in this most dynamic and competitive market. One of India’s premium Incense market leaders, The Rocket Agarbatti is always proactive when it comes to introducing innovation in the market. In 2023, Rocket Agarbatti has introduced 10 innovative products to change tastes of customers and bring newness in its already large kitty of innovative products

Headquarted in India’s central city, also known as orange city [zero mile city] – Nagpur, The Rocket Agarbatti is a national brand in agarbatti [incense]company. Since 1991 in operaton, Rocket Agarbatti has earned a credible name as a prominent manufacturer, packager, and marketer of incense sticks in India.

Currently, with over 200 high-quality Dhoop and agarbatti brands running successfully across India, products are no longer just for religious use but are also used in offices and commercial establishments as room fresheners. They uses the highest grade of pure natural and essential ingredients to make the products.

Divided into three categories – agarbattis, dry dhoop and wet dhoop with pleasant fragrances, these products provide rich aromatic experience and also creates a perfect Environment for daily prayers, meditation, and yoga.

As a trusted innovator, Rocket Agarbatti has introduced some highly innovative products in 2023 which aim to make Rocket Agarbatti a market leader. Below are 10 such innovative productions introduced by the incense company –

Innovation 1: Morning Glow Premium Dhoop

  • Nothing is as fresh as a morning, the start of a new day. Nothing is as fresh as this wonderful fragrance, invigorating you every minute with its stirring floral tones. Rocket has introduced the awesome fragrance of Rocket Morning Glow Premium Dhoop and start your day with a pleasant and calm environment.


Innovation 2: Golden Champa

  • Happiness Radiates like a Fragrance from a flower and draws all the good things towards you.

Innovation 3: Kesar Chandan

  • Use Incense for offering  your prayers or while meditating or relaxing.
  • It will unquestionably boost up your confidence, create encouraging environment and purify the atmosphere while spreading the lingering aroma all around.


Innovation 4: Hum Rose Premium Incense Sticks

  • Packed with an intensified fragrance that fills your living space with the soothing essence of roses, guaranteeing a serene and joyful encounter within confined areas.

Innovation 5: Loban

  • Loban is the best energy purifier of Atmosphere.
  • Using of Loban has spiritual and customary secret in India to elevate the energy level.
  • A study states that Loban helps in uplifting the inspiration and creativity.


Innovation 6: III IN ONE Premium Incense Sticks

  • The pleasant fragrance of III IN ONE Premium Incense Sticks activate your senses and relax the nerves, making you less anxious. They also hold the power to cleanse the air.

Innovation 7: Mogra Premium dhoop sticks

  • Feel a positive vibe with Mogra.
  • Mesmerizing & Soothing Aroma Bring this pack of Mogra Premium dhoop sticks and make your place a positive one, be it home or workplace.


Innovation 8: Combo of Premium Incense Stick Champa and Mogra

  • Every day brings new choices.
  • Rocket Agarbatti has launched a combo of premium incense sticks in Champa and Mogra fragrances, which serve as natural air fresheners and help enhance the quality of your sleep.

Innovation 9: Gulab Premium Incense Sticks

  • Rocket Gulab Premium Incense Sticks with a sweet and refreshing  Rose fragrance. Freshens the air and eliminates bad odours Ideal for creating a calming atmosphere at home or the office. Perfect for pujas, aroma therapy and meditation.


Innovation 10: Khus incense Sticks

  • The fragrance of Khus incense agarbatti is long lasting helping the body mind and soul to heal by aromatherapy keeping you energetic whole day; this also help to purify air creating lesser amount of burning smoke.

These are all the best and innovative products with best Fragrance to kame the environment luxuries and peace with positive customer reviews and 100% customer trust.

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